Friday, May 30, 2014

Creamy Nutella Popsicles

Lately I've been wanting to eat lots of Nutella. I've put it in shakes, had it with apple slices, eaten it by the spoonful, made ice cream with it, and most recently, made popsicles with it. Originally I was going to share the recipe for the Nutella ice cream that I made last week. But then I made these popsicles, and I realized that they are a lot easier to make, plus not everyone has an automatic ice cream maker (even though they should). I guess probably not everyone has popsicle molds, but you can be creative if you don't have them, and they are really not that expensive if you want to buy some. I just bought my molds off of Amazon the other day because I want to be cool like everyone else this summer and be able to make super exciting popsicles all day long. Anyways, I was planning on making lime popsicles the other night when I did Mexican food with the neighbors (chicken taquitos, slow cooker beans, and corn pudding), but then I chose to make key lime pie tarts instead. Yesterday while Wendy was napping I thought of the Nutella popsicle idea. The popsicles were SO easy to make. I tasted the mixture before pouring it into the molds and fell in love. It was painful having to wait the four hours before I could try one. And it was such a treat when I bit into that creamy and dreamy Nutella popsicle. When Greg got home from a cold day out on the water, I offered him a popsicle and once he bit into it he said it was amazing. He almost started to cry when a small piece of the last bites of popsicle fell off the stick. Not only are these delicious and super easy to make, they also are not too bad for you either. Each popsicle has about 250 calories and they are made with 2% milk and just a little bit of cream. I know you and everyone you know will love them. Enjoy!

Recipe for Creamy Nutella Popsicles

2 1/2 cups of 2% milk
3 ounces of heavy cream
10 Tbsp. of Nutella

Put the milk, cream, and Nutella into a blender and blend until smooth. Pour the mixture into six 4-ounce popsicle molds (you might have some mixture leftover, go ahead and drink it)! Place the molds into the freezer for 4 - 6 hours before enjoying.

*Here's an interesting fact..did you know Nutella originates from Italy?