Saturday, June 23, 2012

Congrats to the Contest Winner & A Tribute to Coconut

Thank you to everyone who participated in this week's contest. The lucky winner is Dustin, who posted about the coconut truffles. Dustin wrote: "The Coconut Truffle is AMAZING! It's a lot like a Mounds bar. Try it! You will not be disappointed."
Congratulations, Dustin! I hope you use the Amazon gift card to buy yourself something nice, or maybe you can use it to buy something nice for your wife.
So in case it hasn't been made completely obvious yet, I love coconut. I have posted recipes for the coconut truffles and coconut cupcakes, but I am still craving more coconut. During the past couple days I have seen some great coconut recipes on different cooking blogs. Today I came across this recipe for coconut white chocolate chunk cookies from Two Peas and Their Pod, which sound incredible. And, on Our Best Bites, I found this recipe for coconut-lime cupcakes. YUM. I would totally love to try both of those recipes soon.
I am thinking I need to whip up some coconut macaroons this week. They are easy to make & incredibly delicious. Stay tuned for the recipe!

*Do you love coconut? What is your favorite coconut treat to make?*